Green Globe

We believe that sustainability and hospitality go hand in hand. We feel responsible to take measures for reducing pressure on our environment and society. We want to work together towards a better world. That is why we have been Green Globe certified since 2012 and every year we are audited concerning our social and environmental commitment.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means:


  • The current laws, regulations and business rules
  • Cultural, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs
  • Our guests, employees, suppliers and partners
  • The environment, minimizing our impact
  • Free competition, the rejection of all forms of corruption
  • The company; putting the interests of the hotel above personal interests, working on preservation of historical and architectural heritage, creating a sense of solidarity

Contribute to

  • The satisfaction of our customers and guests
  • The development of our employees
  • Local economic and social development
  • A safe work environment and the health of our employees
  • The improvement of our sustainability performance, continuously and systematically


We highly value respecting the environment. With our involvement, we actively participate in environmental protection in the following ways:

Raise awareness of our customers:

We offer our guests the service they please and we are happy to inspire them to contribute to sustainability together with us. Because guests are also able to make a contribution by making conscious choices during their stay.

  • We prefer digital communication for all our external communication (e-mail, electronic brochures, newsletters, invoices)
  • Our brochures are printed on environmentally friendly paper
  • The change of towels in the hotel rooms is at the request of the guest
  • Cleaning of linen in the hotel rooms is on request, or every 3 days
  • Our cleaning products do not contain any harmful ingredients and have an ecolabel
  • In our guest rooms you will find Fair Trade shampoo, shower gel and soap
  • We encourage our guests to use transportation that causes little or no pollution; public transport, bicycles, e-scooters, etc. We offer our guests the possibility to rent bicycles
  • We serve responsibly produced coffee
  • Finally, our menus are based on local, seasonal dishes. In addition, there are vegetarian dishes on the menu and we serve vegan dishes on request

Raise awareness of our employees:

To increase the sense of responsibility for the environment of our employees, we have fun learning methods that confirm our commitment and enable us to achieve our goals:

  • Every employee member follows sustainability training
  • To constantly improve our responsibility policy, our employees are encouraged to provide input on their ideas for improvement
  • The use of public transport is encouraged
  • By providing work instructions (for example, switching off lighting when a room is not in use), our employees are reminded of an environmentally friendly policy
  • Our employees regularly take part in events for charities

Raise awareness of our suppliers:

We strive to purchase sustainable products and services by cooperating with responsible suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to reduce their negative impact, and we follow up their contribution. Our largest suppliers have signed our Sustainability Statement.

Reduce our impact to the environment:

To reduce our environmental impact, we analyze our consumption of waste, water and energy on a monthly basis. We set targets for reduction and have drawn up an action plan.

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by taking various measures, such as:

  • We ask our suppliers to deliver as efficiently as possible
  • We prefer local suppliers
  • We use a paper press to reduce the volume of paper waste, reducing the frequency of a truck driving up and down to the hotel
  • We encourage less environmental pollution
  • We have an agreement for green energy

We also contribute to reducing the release of chemicals through the use of:

  • Environmentally certified paper and other environmentally friendly products
  • Biodegradable cleaning products and dishwashing detergents
  • Dosing system for cleaning products to minimize the use of chemical substances

Reduce our energy usage:

Among other things, we take the following measures to save energy:

  • We use energy-efficient equipment and technical installations as much as possible (LED lamps, LED TVs, switching off lights during the night, etc.)
  • We carry out preventive maintenance to ensure the correct and long-term operation of electrical devices
  • Temperatures of cooling installations are checked daily to keep them on a constant temperature

Reduce our water usage:

We apply the following measures to minimize our water usage:

  • We only change the towels in hotel rooms on request of our guests
  • Cleaning of linen in the hotel rooms is on request, or every 3 days
  • The technical department is informed about leaking toilets, faucets and shower heads so they are able to repair them quickly

Reduce our waste usage:

We critically look at the waste flows within the hotel. To reduce the amount of waste, we apply the following measures:

  • We do not use plastic cups and stirrers
  • We reduce the packaging materials of our fresh products by encouraging the use of reusable packaging or packaging that is returned to the supplier
  • We minimize the purchase of products that cause a lot of waste by limiting single packaging
  • We separate our waste in meeting rooms, offices and in the kitchen
  • We collect the following waste materials: cardboard, paper, glass, batteries, ink cartridges and toners, lamps, plastic foil and kitchen waste. For the collection and processing of this waste we work together with recognized organizations


For our employees

Respect for the people who work at Park Centraal Den Haag is one of the foundations on which we focus. To achieve this, Park Centraal Den Haag is dedicated to its employees in the following areas:


  • We believe that diversity in our business operations is indispensable to achieving our quality goals. We welcome people with different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, etc. Discrimination is not tolerated.

Training, education and personal development:

  • As part of our policy to promote internal promotion and personal growth, our employees benefit from training opportunities throughout their career. Several methods are offered so that everyone can develop at their own pace
  • We offer interns an educational and inspiring learning environment, usually we have several internships available per year. This way, we contribute to the development of knowledge & experience amongst young people

Wellbeing & safety:

  • Park Centraal Den Haag is responsible for the safety of its employees and strives for continuous improvement of working conditions and wellbeing at work
  • We aim for a motivating and inspiring working environment

For our community

We actively cooperate with communities around Park Centraal Den Haag to contribute to their sustainable development. We teach and encourage our employees to actively participate in local society. We also encourage our guests to support local products and services. Furthermore, we think the preservation of nature and cultural heritage is very important.

Examples of our commitment to the community:

  • Guests are provided with information about the history, culture and nature of the area
  • We maintain and preserve the monumental building that we occupy, thereby we are contributing to the preservation of our cultural heritage
  • We are a member of the “Natuurmonumenten” association. By taking over nature reserves, the association is able to protect animals and plants and enable people to enjoy nature through hiking trails, cycle paths, observation points and excursions
  • We organize a Christmas dinner every year for families living in poverty
  • We organize annual dinners for the homeless

Green Globe

We are the proud owner of the Green Globe certificate! Green Globe is an internationally and globally recognized certification program for sustainable travel and tourism. It focuses on economically, socially and environmentally responsible management. Audits are carried out annually by independent auditors. Green Globe has members in around 90 countries in the world. The requirements relate, among other things, to a well-functioning environmental care system, to compliance with local environmental legislation, to making a contribution to local nature and environmental protection and to providing employment to the local population.

We work together with Green Label Service, experts in the field of sustainability in the hotel sector. Together with us, they ensure that we achieve the best results during our Green Globe certification every year.

We are always open to suggestions or comments to improve our sustainability policy.

If you have any questions, please let us know!


Park Centraal Den Haag

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