Green Globe

Sustainability Management Plan 

Since 2013 Park Centraal (formerly Park Hotel Amsterdam) has been awarded with the Green Globe certification, the premier global certification for sustainability.

At Park Centraal Amsterdam we feel responsible to take measures in order to minimize the impact on the environment and society. We aim to cooperate for a better world. In our business operations we focus on the three P’s: Profit, Planet and People. Sustainable business means to us that besides aiming for profit, we consider the impact of our activities on the planet and we also want to positively influence all people that are involved within and outside our company. The better the balance between the three P’s, the more sustainable the results are for us as, as well as for our society.


– Respect for different cultures, religions and other believes
– Taking care of the safety and health for our guests and employees
– Taking care of the satisfaction of our guests, suppliers, employees and partners
– Contribute to local economic and social development


– Long term investment in terms of training and development possibilities for our employees
– Implementing a sustainable purchasing policy
– Generating income/profit


– Minimizing our impact on the environment
– Supporting initiatives related to nature conservation  


Respect for the environment is at the heart of our concerns. With our commitment we actively participate in the protection of the environment in the following ways:

Increase the awareness of our customers:

We meet the ‘green’ needs of our guests and inspire them to work with us towards a better world. Because also guests can take their part in this by making well considered choices:

– Electronic communication is given preference in all our external communication (e-mail, e-brochures, newsletters, invoices).
– Our sales brochures are printed on environmental friendly paper
– Changing towels in the hotel rooms is only on request by the guest
– Cleaning of linen in the hotel rooms occurs every two days
– We encourage our customers to use transport that creates little or no pollution; public transport, bicycles, walking, etc. We offer guests the opportunity to rent bicycles.
– We serve several biologic products for breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Our menu has local and seasonal dishes
– Finally, at least one vegetarian dish is on the menu and we serve vegan dishes on request

Increase the awareness of our employees:

In order to increase our employees’ sense of environmental responsibility, we have implemented entertaining educational tools that affirm our commitment and which will enable us to achieve the goals that we have set:

– In order to constantly improve our responsibility policy, employees are encouraged to provide input over their improvement ideas. For example, by our idea-box
– The use of public transport is encouraged
– By means of working instructions (e.g. reporting leaking faucets to the technical department) our employees are remembered of following the environmental friendly policy

Increase the awareness of our suppliers:

We aim to purchase sustainable products and services by actively cooperating with sustainable suppliers. We encourage our suppliers to reduce their negative impact and we follow up their commitments (number of deliveries, weight reduction, recyclability of packaging, etc.) Our suppliers are committed with us to a continuous improvement approach contributing to the respect and protection of the environment.

Reduce our impact on the environment:

In order to monitor and control our emissions of greenhouse gases, we have introduced a carbon footprint assessment. This involves the collection of information, calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions, the setting of reduction targets and setting up an action plan. Through its action plan, each link commits – and thereby commits its suppliers, partners and employees – to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases.

We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by taking several measures, such as:

– Asking our suppliers to deliver efficiently
– Local suppliers are given preference
– Making use of a waste and paper baler to reduce the waste volume in order to minimize transportation for waste pick up
– Less polluting forms of transport are encouraged

We also participate in reducing the release of chemicals through the use of:

– To clean our rooms and public area’s we are using Ozon water
– Cleaning dilution control systems to minimize chemical use

Reduce our energy consumption:

In order to improve control of our energy consumption, we monitor our consumption of gas and electricity on a monthly basis. Besides, we take the following measures:

– We strive to optimize our equipment, technical installations and our work methods (low energy consumption light bulbs, reduce lightning during the night, etc.)
– We carry out preventive maintenance, to ensure the correct functioning of electrical appliances
– We promote the improvement of technical facilities and favor equipment with “class

We promote the improvement of technical facilities and favor equipment with “class A” devices

– In all hotel rooms energy savers are used. This prevents unnecessary use of lightning when the room is not in use
– Refrigerator and freezer temperatures are monitored on a constant basis
– We have a high efficiency boiler

There is a heat recovery system in the lobby, conference rooms, foyers and the restaurant

– The building management system controls heating and cooling in the major part of the hotel
– The outside lighting is based on timers and twilight switches
– Lighting in The Living Room is reduced during evenings and nights based on twilight switches 

Reduce our water consumption:

In order to be conscious about our water usage, we monitor our consumption on a monthly basis. Besides, we minimize our water usage by taking the following measures:

– We strive to adapt our equipment and technical facilities (flow reducers in hotel rooms and public facilities for showers, baths, toilets, faucets)
– Changing towels in hotel rooms is on guest’s request
– Cleaning of room linen in hotel rooms occurs every three days
– Active system is in place to detect and repair leaking toilets, faucets and showerheads in guest rooms

Reduce our waste:

We analyze the waste streams within the hotel by monitoring the amount of different types of waste on a monthly basis. In order to reduce the amount of waste:

– We make no use of plastic cups or sticks
– We are also reducing the packaging of our fresh products by promoting reusable or returnable packaging
– We minimize the procurement of waste-producing products, for example by limiting

single packaging

– We collect the following waste: cardboard, paper, glass, batteries, electric appliances, mobile phones, ink cartridges and toners, bulbs, plastics and swill. We cooperate with approved organizations for the collection and processing of this waste


To our employees

The respect of the men and women who work at Park Centraal Amsterdam is one of the fundamentals on which we wish to focus. In order to accomplish this, the hotel is committed to its employees in the following areas:


– We believe that diversity is necessary to reach our quality goals: diversity in terms of professions and profiles, diversity in terms of cultures and origins, and diversity in terms of experience and career paths

Training, education and personal development:

– As part of our policy to stimulate internal promotion and growth, our employees benefit from training opportunities throughout their careers. Different tools are provided enabling everyone to develop at their own pace. Park Centraal Amsterdam recognizes specific development needs based on age, experience, desired career path and personal ambitions, and adapts its training catalogue accordingly
– We appoint employees of the quarter
– We offer trainees an educative and inspiring learning environment. This way we contribute to the development of knowledge and experience for young people

Well-being & Safety:

– Park Centraal Amsterdam ensures the safety of its employees and is committed to the continuous improvement of working conditions and well-being at work
– We aim to provide a motivating and inspiring work environment      

To our community

We actively work together with the communities around Park Centraal Amsterdam in order to contribute to their sustainable development. We educate and encourage our employees to actively engage in the local society. Also, we encourage our guests to support local products and services. Furthermore, we recognize that our natural heritage is also an important part of our community heritage and the preservation of our natural environment is part of our sustainable policy. Examples of our commitment to the community are:

– Guest are provided with information on the surrounding’s history, culture and natural environment by means of brochures and reading in The Living Room and in hotel rooms
– We offer hotel arrangements with discount vouchers for local entrepreneurs and entrance tickets for museums
– Art expositions in The Gallery Zone in cooperation with a local art gallery
– Art sales from local entrepreneurs
– We maintain and preserve the building we are occupying, including the monumental façade. Hereby we help to conserve our cultural heritage
– We are member of the society “Natuurmonumenten”. By acquiring natural areas, the society can protect animals and plants which are native to this country and enable people to enjoy the countryside by providing footpaths, cycle paths, observation points and excursions
– Mobile phones, cartridges and toners are collected for recycling. The profits go to “Stichting AAP’’


Green Globe certification is exclusively for the hotel and not for MOMO restaurant

Accessibility information Park Centraal Amsterdam

Below you will find some information that we hope will ensure you enjoy your visit to Park Centraal, regardless of whether your life is affected in some way by a medical condition, disability, impairment or specific learning difficulty. Our aim is to ensure that your visit to Park Centraal is as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

Hotel information

Park Centraal
Stadhouderskade 25
1071ZD Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Tel: +31 (0)20 671 12 22
Fax: +31 (0)20 664 94 55
E-mail: [email protected]

Hotel facilities and public areas

Disabled access and valet parking (on request): on arrival at the hotel entrance, make your entrance by using the ramp on the right side of the main entrance. Our porters will be delighted to park your car and assist you with your luggage while you check in at the Service Desk. If you would like to park your car yourself, there is a ramp on the first floor of the garage to get to the lobby of the hotel. The public toilets are located on the lower level but these are not accessible by wheelchair. Please contact the Service Desk as we are delighted to assist you to the public toilets on the second floor which are wheelchair accessible.

Guest room

Several of our beautiful Executive Rooms are accessible for wheelchair users and are adapted so that all fittings are at a height for easy and comfortable use. These rooms have handrails, accessible showers and low flow basins in the bathroom.

In case of emergency, you will hear the emergency alarm. Please stay in your room. Your details and need for assistance are recorded and the evacuation team will come to your room to assist you in reaching the evacuation area safely.


Our fine dining restaurant MOMO is situated at the ground level and is wheelchair accessible. The breakfast is also served in the MOMO restaurant.
For any assistance, please contact the hostess who we be delighted to assist you with anything.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, do not hesitate to cal us on +31 (0)20 671 12 22 

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