An icon of hospitality in Amsterdam

The nineteenth century marks the start of a remarkable journey. In 1840, on the corner of Stadhouderskade and Hobbemastraat, a small tearoom opened its doors. For 55 years, it welcomed some of the wealthiest citizens of Amsterdam. The tearoom even witnessed the formation of the most famous park of Amsterdam, which is now known as the Vondelpark. Within two centuries, this tearoom has transformed into a beautiful 4-star hotel with 189 guest rooms named Park Hotel Centraal. Get to know our story.


1840 – On the corner of Stadhouderskade and Hobbemastraat, a small tearoom opened its doors.

1865 – Vondelpark first opened its gates to the public of Amsterdam.

1880 – The tearooms was transformed into a hotel named Parkzicht (Dutch for ‘Park Sight’).

1928 – Coinciding with the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, the hotel expanded to 90 guest rooms, multiple event rooms, a bowling and billiard area and a bar.

1940 – The building was painted black to protect it from air attacks in WW2. The hotel has retained this colour ever since.

1945-2006 – The hotel lived many reincarnations, changing names from Parkzicht to The Inn At The Park and later Park Hotel.

2008 – After joining Grand City Hotels & Resorts, the hotel reopened after undergoing a complete renovation. MOMO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge launched later in the year to widespread acclaim.

2019 – Park Hotel becomes Park Centraal, capturing the spirit of the property’s rich heritage.

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